Returning Player Kobe Bryant was Extremely Happy

Returning Player Kobe Bryant was Extremely Happy

Posted onOctober 16, 2015

Kobe Bryant is an excellent basketball player for Los Angeles Lakers. He was able to play again after sometime against Jazz. The first quarter was supposed to be his game, but it did not work as he had planned previously. Before the first quarter ends, exactly less than 10 minutes left, he got a chance for scoring 3 points in Sunday from left corner. However, the ball was mistakenly directed into the side of backboard. Indeed, it definitely was not a good thing to happen because it was a free execution which should have been done perfectly. However, he failed, and he was supposed to be devastated.

Unfortunately, such condition lasted, and it was worsened by the fact that within 12 minutes, the score was only 5. In addition, the supporters were not coming in yet in the Stan Sherriff Center in University of Hawaii at Mania. Though he could not contribute greatly in this match, he was able to provide 3 points shot. The shot coming from right corner flying away over Gordon Hayaward was awesome, and it was great point for Bryant. Being able to shoot the ball over the Swingman was great experience after not being able to play seriously and professionally because of rest.

In the early January back then, he could perform some actions that contributed to team greatly. Unfortunately, in the end of the month, he should be taken care and he should rest because of injury. He damaged his rotator cuff of right shoulder which could not be fixed quickly. It was really unfortunate for him as he should have ended his 2014 – 2015 season at that point. He could only play 35 games after all, and it is no wonder why he needs to adjust to the game from the beginning again. Though it will not be an easy task, he was confident and happy. He said that everything was good and being able to go out to the field was just good.

In addition, he also expressed how happy he was by saying that his legs are stronger. Moreover, he also said that he had more stamina as not being fatigue after the match. Actually it quite makes sense since he did not play full round at that time. Moreover, the tempo of the game was not quite fast as well. After all, he was happy with the game, and it was good for his development. Bryant also believed that he had to adjust himself better than before to achieve victory.

Regarding to his performance, Byron Scott as Lakers’ coach was quite happy as well. He commented that Bryan was good at the match by moving quite well without being seen to have any problem with his shoulder. Though he was getting better, there seems no chance for him to be deployed form the beginning to the end of the game. In the next Tuesday, he will be limited to play based on minutes for testing his condition. After that, he could perform full time after everything has been tuned in once again.