Criticism from Nick Saban to Media for ‘6 feet under’


Nick Saban as college football coach was quite furious related to opinion coming from particular media related to his team. His team actually won in Georgia, and there was something problematic making the team citizen by media. He was asked on how to react to “noise” outside the program of training as well as “perception” that is going to be fluid from time to time. Such problem should have made the team lose their focus, but it did not happen as the team could win the match. Cruising agen bola online terpercaya was then responded by Nick Saban.

He said that he could have said the same thing last week. In addition, he wisely said that anything thought and said did not matter anyway. No one in the team was playing for others, he added. The team was supposed to do what they should do, playing the game and winning the game. Therefore, the team has nothing to do with commentary or outside influence. Everything can be focused quite well because the coach and players do what they should do. What others think and say is really not important to be discussed as they only create havoc for performance. They kept to be as professional as possible by fulfilling their duty. That was actually what he responded to the media.

Moreover, he also added uwellvape that he believed in the ability of his team. Therefore, it was all about performance and trust given to the team for doing their best for victory, as exactly what they did. He also said that everything he and his team did was not directed to media. It was all for fans as they kept the team motivated by supporting the team each time they are in the match. Media was only able to make the team scattered, and that was why the coach was so passionate in criticizing it. He also sharply said that if anything was done for the sake of media, they could have been defeated as they could end up in 6 feet under. That means, the team could not continue his struggle in this season, and it was basically good news for media. That is what was implied by the coach.

Alabama was quite unlucky this time as being degraded from 8th position into 12th. It was also close call that they could leave the field immediately against Ole Miss in two weeks ago. Some pundits had several inquiries related to the quality of the team, and that is also means possibility of Saban to be kicked out. Moreover, there was also difference in opinions making the players unable to have focus which was then exploited by media.

On Monday, Saban was quite passionate after knowing what the team’s decision against the Bulldogs. However, he also warned the team that wining is still priority, and it should happen. Saban also ended his sentence by expressing that there is unity within the team and it will continue to be bound like that. The opposing team should face real challenge against Alabama as this team is still solid.

Let’s See What Happen With Rafael Nadal For The Next Couple of Months

Posted onNovember 18, 2015

Rafael Nadal has faced a very unfortunate season for the first time in a decade. All of the anxiety and worry has been seen by Nadal in this complicated year for him. This is actually the first season in a decade for him which he could not win any Grand Slam. Certainly, it became very awful time before the year comes out.
There are some people who suggest that the tennis season will effectively end in Queens in the half of September when the game in the Arthur Ashe Stadium ended. Well, it is never became a matter for each of elite player, and it is absolutely not true for someone like Rafael Nadal who has suffered a lot during this season when his game lack of usual bounce, confidence, energy and menace that he always shows it before. Of course, it can be the most awful time for an elite player to face something like this.
Meanwhile, Andre Agassi, an American retired tennis player who considered as the scariest and nastiest shot in this sport, has seen a different stroke in the Nadal’s forehand this season which before become something that can tear and then rip the competitor’s psyches. On the other side, the old Rafa, who head Fabio Fognini for two sets in the round three of US Open, could impossibly have missed from there.
As a result, the next several months will be the precious moment for someone who considered as the great player in this modern era, for the one who only tails Roger Federer for most single titles in Grand Slam’s leader board. As what Nadal has said, he is going to the process of improving his game and also fixing his mind to continue this season with something more than what he has done before. For the next time, he requires to compete and the win the game.
Never worried that the rest of the leftover season will be in hard race, the main point that he should think about is to win one of tournament in this season. What happens in Shanghai or Beijing was able to tell us if Nadal is going to be prosperous in the next year Grand Slam cities of Paris, Melbourne, New York and London.
Furthermore, one of this player’s ambitions over the next coming weeks will be to make sure that he will be qualified in the season-ending tournaments in London, for the exact it will be the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals in the next November. Then, for all of his problems in majors this season that is including ejected from Wimbledon draw in the earlier time and defeated at Roland Garros, it seems like Nadal is s front runner that can succeed at French Open.
So far, other best players such as Federer, Novak Djolovic, Stan Wawrinka and Andy Murray have assured their place at The O2, and then there is Tomas Berdych in the next line followed by a Japanese tennis player, Kei Nishikori and Rafael Nadal. Nadal’s total point is 3,715 which enough gap with David Ferer in the eight position.

Unsure That Can Win Another Grand Slam, Nadal Still Believes He Can Do It

Posted onNovember 14, 2015

Facing a very disappointing season in his career this year certainly makes Rafael Nadal cannot sure about his future. In the late interview with Nadal by Sky Sports, he said that he does not know whether he can win the other Grand Slam or not. However, he still believes that he can do it even though he does not know what he is going to do with it.
His way to win a major title has shut out for the first time after a decade since 2004. Most lately, this fourteen-time winner of Grand Slam was down in the round three of US Open by an Italian tennis player, Fabio Fognini. Before he lost the game, he actually led the game for two sets in Grand Slam game.
According to Nadal, he will work hard in creating opportunities for the next several years. Then he added that he will find his level of playing tennis again by relaxing and then controlling  his emotion and if it can be happen as what he had planned, it must be happen as soon as possible since he feels much better right now and then he can get what he lost this season. He also said that it is different from the last seasons since this season nerves played more than the injuries that happened to him.
In the early season in March after he lost from his fellow countryman at the Miami Open, Fernando Verdasco, he told to the reporters that he felt more exhausted than usual and then he also felt that he did not have his own confidence, as a result when he hit the ball to the place he wanted it to be, he could not make it even he thought that it was the right one.
In other previous game he played recently, for instance at the French Open several months later, the number one of tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic made Nadal bend her knees in a game of three-set. Then, at the All England Club, Nadal was sent to home by Dustin Brown in the round two of the game and this became the fourth straight time for Nadal to knock out from the Wimbledon by a player who actually has lower rank than him.
Even though he seems not sure with what his expectation to move forward, he looks to have finally can move on from the most stressful and anxious season in his career. Now, he can say that he is in better condition and it is much better than yesterday. He said that it is actually not his all out condition, he is not one hundred percent fit, but today is much better than yesterday. It is close to get the perfect one hundred percent fit and he can enjoy the game again. Now, he is enjoying his time on the tennis court and he also enjoys his practicing time as well as he can enjoy the competition since he does not have something like anxiety and angst anymore.

Blue Jays Become the Champions

Posted onNovember 11, 2015

There are so many various reactions about Toronto Blue Jays that become the champions of American League East. Many of the people are feeling happy along with the players and the team. But some of them are still feeling like that they should not become the winner. Well, let’s hear about this winning news first. It’s a big winning for Blue Jays because they finally get the winner title after 22 years waiting while working so hard. They steal the winner title from Baltimore Orioles with a 15-2 touching. They still need to do the second game because of the doubleheader that caused by the Tuesday’s rainout. Blue Jays need to wait until the second game ends before they can celebrate their winning celebration with the fans. The fans are really excited because they haven’t been to be the winner since the 1996 Yankees.
As we mentioned before, there are so many reactions from the people about Blue Jays winning result. Let’s hear from both sided; the people who agree with the result and people who disagree with the result. People give thumbs up for Toronto Blue Jays for their performance that drew 10 walks, banged out 18 hits, and scored double-digit runs for this 26th time season of AL East. They also have plenty of the offensive players that giving great performance to the fans. People paying more attention to the Ryan Goins who hitting 235 in September that reached base in all six of his performances. He’s also going 5-for-5 walk and shocked the people. He gets many supports for his performance that also makes people agree that Blue Jays are worthy to be the winner of this AL East.
But there’s also a player that people thinks didn’t expect their expectations. Many people choose Marcus Stroman as the player that failed to pitch the complete game. Stroman has been missing the game for the first five and a half months of this AL East, that’s why people think that he still unclear about the game in this league. So far, he just gets one run from five hits, walking two from the striking out eight. It’s actually kind of waste since he got many chances to play better in the game. People give him 4-10 points with a 1.67 ERA. Well, that’s one of the things that people think that Blue Jays are not supposed to be win. It’s not a wise decision to let the long-absent player to join the game in the middle of the game and in the end he didn’t shows his excellent performance.
Anyway, whatever the opinions, Blue Jays are still the winner. They need to prove the people who are disagree with the result those they worth to be the winner. Blue jays will have another match with Orioles on Thursday. It’ll be doubleheader game again just like the final game. The game will be held in Kansas City and start at 1:05 p.m. It’s the chance to prove their quality and their great performance.

Johanna Konta going to face Venus Williams after upsets Simona Halep

Posted onNovember 8, 2015

Late Wednesday must become a disappointing moment for Simona Halep since Johanna Konta upsets her in the Wuhan Open. By winning 6-3, 3-6, and 7-5, Johanna Konta goes to the quarterfinals of this Wuhan Open. Konta who is in the 66th ranking in the world when came to this Wuhan tournament, play well by winning her last six games and then she can meet Venus Williams, the number 11 of tennis player world ranked, in the quarterfinals.

According to Konta, she said that it was a kind of very tough game since it was a game which is finished after two hours and seventeen minutes. She also praised her opponent, Simona, that she actually played an amazing tennis in some parts and Konta added that Simona must be not in her best feeling. Konta also told us that she was really excited to be able to get a really great chance in her career which she created it by herself.

On the other side, Konta’s quarterfinal opponent, Venus Williams, has beaten a Spain tennis player, Carla Suarez Navarro by 6-3 and 6-4. After the game, Williams said that she may had a luck since she believed that Navarro may missed her several shots in that day and then it can give her some openings and finally she seems to win the game easily.As both of Williams and Konta has beaten their competitor, they will meet each other in the next quarterfinal of Wuhan Open for the first time.

In the other games, Roberta Vinci had a great deal by beating the defending champion and also the third-seeded, Petra Kvitova by 7-6 3, 6-2 in the first day of upset. Then this number fifteenth of world ranked and Italian tennis player will face Karolina Pliskova, the eight-seeded, that before has defeated an Ukrainian tennis player, Elina Svitolina by 2-6, 6-4, and 6-4.

According to Vinci, playing tennis with Petra is always tough. She said that Petra is actually an incredible and amazing tennis player especially since she is the defending champion who became the winner last year in Wuhan Open. However, she believed that she played a great match with Petra. Petra certainly played really well in the few games at the beginning, as a result Vinci did not want to think about how well that Petra played and tried to focus.

Meanwhile, there are also other games which have their own champion. The fifth-seeded who is Spanish tennis player, Garbine Muguruza finally beat down Ana Ivanovic, the ninth-seeded by 4-6, 6-1, and 6-0. Next, Muguruza will meet someone who has beaten Kristina Mladenovic by 6-4 and 6-2, Anna Karolina Schmiedlova. Then, the Italian player, Camila Giorgi was leading for 6-2 when Belinda Bencic, her opponent retired in the last match. Now, Giorgi plays sixt-seeded with Angelique Kerber, a Germany player.

For the players which can go to the next quarterfinal should be prepare themselves again to meet a new opponent that more nasty and hungry of victory. Then, for Johanna, it will be a kind of challenge to face Venus Williams who is one of the best in the field.

A part of Jordan Spieth’s perfect year

Posted onNovember 5, 2015

With the Jordan Spieth’s victory on Sunday of the Tour Championship, the PGA Tour season effectively ended. However, it is only a short break of offseason before the new season start to begin. Meanwhile, in the European Tour, it has its annual event in Scotland this week with using St. Andrews as the home base where will be the place for distributing the PGA Tour cards and on the other hand, the Masters-hosted of Asia Pacific Amateur Championship is going to be held in Hong Kong.

When you are expecting to find out many players on the area of practice drivers on the Monday morning after the Tour Championship week, you may not find what you want. It must be difficult to find them in the practice tee either on Monday or any other week outside the week of a kind of major championship. However, if it is about the time for FedEx playoffs, it will be different since body management will be important to create a good golf.

Well, Spieth can be one of them who is in the driving range on the morning after he had finished his BMW Championship in Chicago several days ago. Spieth was dealing with the late tournament same as major championship. Thus, if he could get the best of it, the sign actually could be seen for the first time he started to practice.

According to Spieth, he said that everything should be prepared to go to the peak of Atlanta. And then he just draws on Atlanta the same as major championship. He added that the entire year it is only about a major championship, so he considered this one as the fifth in the end. He just wanted to have another chance to reach a new winning record. It was really motivated him since it became something that he really wanted it and finally it become something that is similar with a major championship.

By winning this championship, Spieth reaches his fifth victory in this year and then getting the $1.48 million into his account and also win the $10 million bonus from FedEx Cup, so he got above $22 million as his income from bonus and official income in this year.

In the first round, the approach of Spieth to this Tour Championship must be applauded. Even though there seems a flaw in this year FedEx system, it did not knock him; he could understand this system and then worked well with it. On Saturday, he said that he understood if he could just play a consistent golf, he would make it; he might get the top two or three of this championship’s spot. He also knew that there are big opportunities if he can be the first, but he thought that it was just another accident through this year. Furthermore, another event has been through by him until he could win this FedEx Championship. In the second round, third round and then the last final round, he had meet many things around to make it.

Chossing Between Bryce Harper and Mike Trout

Posted onNovember 2, 2015

The big argument of baseball in this generation is back. The big question about “Who’s better between Trout and Harper?” is back in 2011. Actually that is a reasonable question. They both have top prospects in baseball. They are young and very talented an absolutely have bright futures. But there is something happened with both of them. A giant step forward has been taken by Mike Trout and he becomes baseball’s best player. In other side, Harper didn’t feel disappointed. Through his age-21 season he got a 122 OPS+. Trout achieved in the majors in 28.6 careers WAR. WAR is baseball-reference version. The 28.6 in context is more than half the entire career borderline’s WAR.
Bryce Harper and Mike Trout become top two names four years ago on the preseason prospect lists of Baseball Prospectus and Baseball America. Now, they are become the top news on WAR Leader board in the 2015. They make some transitions from best prospects to become best players. When he is have debuted his careers. Harper suffered a series of injuries in his first seasons. That absolutely hampers his career. It does not last long, Harper already record his highest walk rate of MLB with 18.0 per cent. He also makes a best slash line with. 330/.455/.664. The both players have fulfilled their potential of prodigious.
It is not a just problem such as Harper and Trout become the best baseball player or they projected to become the best in October. It is about how long mutual reign of them will be expected to the last. That’s about their ages, their potential and trajectories player. The Baseball Prospectus projects will be worth in every season between 2016 and 2023 at Wins above Replacement Player. Actually there is an advantage in span of eight seasons that will bring the both of players to their first thirty. Probably there are other players that projected in first season or second season of WARP.
It does not mean that Harper and Trout will be interrupted as leaders of league. Injuries can end the streak easily. It just a few reason to bet on another player to become best baseball players in the future. It is uncommon thing, because it usually takes enough time for some players to get the top of profession that they already done.
A MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred, is make the outreach’s youth take their priority after take their youth predecessor, Bud Selig in the January. Manfred said that they think some young players are attractive to young people. “You have to have a big plan to market the game that consist of advertise, but when you get Bryce Harper and Mike Trout, you have to count your lucky stars. They can become a face of the whole game”, continued Manfred. Statistic is not wishful as the thinking. Caesars Cedeno who players that already arrive is have better age than another typically players. Bryce Harper and Mike Trout do not feel like they indicate their timeline decline as accelerated as.

Heisman Trophy and Leonard Fournette

Posted onOctober 24, 2015

LSU coach Les Miles is ready to take the brakes for the question that talks about the preps to pro jump continues swirl around Leonard Fournette. Until after the 2017 draft, Fournette will not be eligible person for the NFL. It because following his junior season with the Tigers team. During his weekly radio show, Miles said that there is a lot of people that stirring the pot out there for me. “I cannot imagine if Leonard will sitting in anywhere and he is inactive for fall. Let us make some controversy.”
An early favorite for the Heisman Trophy has been established by Fournette. In three games, he rushes for 631 yards and back to back 200 yards outings. He also becomes a true freshman in 2014 when he rushed for 1,034 yards. On Wednesday, he look attempt to leave the LSU early when he running back took to Twitter. He will challenge the entry rules of NFL.
Miles think that there are many controversy and speculation that speaks about “What if Fournette?” He thinks that “what if” question is unreasonable. “People always talks about Fournette. I always imagine that something not happened yet. What if Fournette has offsets injury and impact his financial position? What if Fournette being a part of this college atmosphere? I mean people cannot make the “what if” question forever. “The truth is Fournette is a typical squared away guy. He absolutely will do the every right thing. I am here just stand for him”, Miles added.
Herschel Walker who is former Heisman winner says that he agree with Fournette. He said that Fournette have pro level talent but he just chooses stay at school. Walker just won’t make any speculation about the leaving of Fournette. He said that it just a bad idea to talk about it. He prefers to just wait and the time will come than make any speculation comments.
On Saturday against Auburn best rushing performance of Leonard Fournette have been reaching by him in his collegiate career. At that time LSU Tigers cruised to a 45-21 victory. As the result, Fournette already separated from the rest of Heisman Trophy. Weather it just two games more left in this season.
Base on WWLTV.com that do the USA Today survey that voters of Heisman already found that significant favorite to win is Fournette. Many voters that think that he can win the award of coveted. Fournette got 23 of 26 potential that on the first place of voters.
Nick Chubb already finished the Georgia running back in second by collecting the three first place votes remaining. Heisman Trophy betting odds are becomes the back up of this trend. Fournette have 11/2 favorite place to win the award, while Chubb just close behind at 15/2. The 228 yards have been rushed by Fournette. On Saturday, the three of them have been touch downed when he against Auburn.  The 140 rushing yards is the fourth consecutive game. The impressive 8.2 yards already recorded by him per carry so far on this year.

Steve Kerr Leaving Golden State Warrior Temporary

Posted onOctober 16, 2015

Steve Kerr should temporarily leave his position as coach of the NBA champion Golden State Warriors in order to focus on her recovery after twice undergoing surgery on his back in the last three months. This NBA team break the news Thursday that Kerr will be absent for a while in order to continue the process of rehabilitation after surgery last July and last month.

Last June Kerr drove the Golden State to titles in his first season as head coach. “Currently the most important is to make sure Steve is healthy, fully recovered and ready not only to live a long NBA season but also the daily life in general,” said Warriors GM Bob Myers.
“We do not expect the recovery process last long, however, as now we do not know the exact time frame. We will evaluate progress every day,” he continued.

Kerr was born in Beirut, Lebanon, five times won the NBA when the status of players, including three times with the Chicago Bulls. Since 1998, he has played 910 games in 15 seasons with the Phoenix Suns, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, Orlando Magic, San Antonio Spurs and Portland Trailblazers. Golden State will start the 2015-2016 regular seasons on Oct. 27 at home against the New Orleans Pelicans. Assistant coach Luke Walton will temporarily replace Kerr during the rehabilitation process.

Golden State Warriors NBA championship in 2015 successfully embraces after defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers in the fifth game by a score of 105-97 at Quicken Loans Arena, Wednesday (17/06/2015). Coach Steve Kerr, obviously become the main figure behind the success of the main Warriors broke the curse for 40 years.

Warriors silence Lebron James and his friends in front of his own supporters, won four wins in six finals system using best of seven. Trophy last held the Warriors in 1975 and then, finally returning to the arms of Stephen Curry et al. (Also Read: Warriors Sabet degree NBA Champion 2015)

Steve Kerr clearly become a major figure of the success of the Warriors could go back to being a respected basketball team. Although only undergo a career as a coach, DNA champion seems to have been flowing since he is still active as a player.

Steve Kerr played for six major’s team since starting his career in the NBA season uniformed 1988. Beginning with the Phoenix Suns, the 49-year-old coach was closing his career in the San Antonio Spurs. Within 15 years active as a player, man whose full name was Stephen Douglas Kerr has won five times champion. Three of them are with the Chicago Bulls, and two times with the San Antonio Spurs.

Kerr also so players pride Arizona State University basketball team who became the place to gain knowledge about basketball before joining the Phoenix Suns. Arizona five seasons in uniform, jersey number 25 belongs to Kerr retired college and become one of the five numbers that should never be used again. Kerr lunge in the basketball world is fairly complete since I was a student, a player to become coach.

Returning Player Kobe Bryant was Extremely Happy

Posted onOctober 16, 2015

Kobe Bryant is an excellent basketball player for Los Angeles Lakers. He was able to play again after sometime against Jazz. The first quarter was supposed to be his game, but it did not work as he had planned previously. Before the first quarter ends, exactly less than 10 minutes left, he got a chance for scoring 3 points in Sunday from left corner. However, the ball was mistakenly directed into the side of backboard. Indeed, it definitely was not a good thing to happen because it was a free execution which should have been done perfectly. However, he failed, and he was supposed to be devastated.

Unfortunately, such condition lasted, and it was worsened by the fact that within 12 minutes, the score was only 5. In addition, the supporters were not coming in yet in the Stan Sherriff Center in University of Hawaii at Mania. Though he could not contribute greatly in this match, he was able to provide 3 points shot. The shot coming from right corner flying away over Gordon Hayaward was awesome, and it was great point for Bryant. Being able to shoot the ball over the Swingman was great experience after not being able to play seriously and professionally because of rest.

In the early January back then, he could perform some actions that contributed to team greatly. Unfortunately, in the end of the month, he should be taken care and he should rest because of injury. He damaged his rotator cuff of right shoulder which could not be fixed quickly. It was really unfortunate for him as he should have ended his 2014 – 2015 season at that point. He could only play 35 games after all, and it is no wonder why he needs to adjust to the game from the beginning again. Though it will not be an easy task, he was confident and happy. He said that everything was good and being able to go out to the field was just good.

In addition, he also expressed how happy he was by saying that his legs are stronger. Moreover, he also said that he had more stamina as not being fatigue after the match. Actually it quite makes sense since he did not play full round at that time. Moreover, the tempo of the game was not quite fast as well. After all, he was happy with the game, and it was good for his development. Bryant also believed that he had to adjust himself better than before to achieve victory.

Regarding to his performance, Byron Scott as Lakers’ coach was quite happy as well. He commented that Bryan was good at the match by moving quite well without being seen to have any problem with his shoulder. Though he was getting better, there seems no chance for him to be deployed form the beginning to the end of the game. In the next Tuesday, he will be limited to play based on minutes for testing his condition. After that, he could perform full time after everything has been tuned in once again.