A part of Jordan Spieth’s perfect year

A part of Jordan Spieth’s perfect year

Posted onNovember 5, 2015

With the Jordan Spieth’s victory on Sunday of the Tour Championship, the PGA Tour season effectively ended. However, it is only a short break of offseason before the new season start to begin. Meanwhile, in the European Tour, it has its annual event in Scotland this week with using St. Andrews as the home base where will be the place for distributing the PGA Tour cards and on the other hand, the Masters-hosted of Asia Pacific Amateur Championship is going to be held in Hong Kong.

When you are expecting to find out many players on the area of practice drivers on the Monday morning after the Tour Championship week, you may not find what you want. It must be difficult to find them in the practice tee either on Monday or any other week outside the week of a kind of major championship. However, if it is about the time for FedEx playoffs, it will be different since body management will be important to create a good golf.

Well, Spieth can be one of them who is in the driving range on the morning after he had finished his BMW Championship in Chicago several days ago. Spieth was dealing with the late tournament same as major championship. Thus, if he could get the best of it, the sign actually could be seen for the first time he started to practice.

According to Spieth, he said that everything should be prepared to go to the peak of Atlanta. And then he just draws on Atlanta the same as major championship. He added that the entire year it is only about a major championship, so he considered this one as the fifth in the end. He just wanted to have another chance to reach a new winning record. It was really motivated him since it became something that he really wanted it and finally it become something that is similar with a major championship.

By winning this championship, Spieth reaches his fifth victory in this year and then getting the $1.48 million into his account and also win the $10 million bonus from FedEx Cup, so he got above $22 million as his income from bonus and official income in this year.

In the first round, the approach of Spieth to this Tour Championship must be applauded. Even though there seems a flaw in this year FedEx system, it did not knock him; he could understand this system and then worked well with it. On Saturday, he said that he understood if he could just play a consistent golf, he would make it; he might get the top two or three of this championship’s spot. He also knew that there are big opportunities if he can be the first, but he thought that it was just another accident through this year. Furthermore, another event has been through by him until he could win this FedEx Championship. In the second round, third round and then the last final round, he had meet many things around to make it.