Criticism from Nick Saban to Media for ‘6 feet under’

Criticism from Nick Saban to Media for ‘6 feet under’


Nick Saban as college football coach was quite furious related to opinion coming from particular media related to his team. His team actually won in Georgia, and there was something problematic making the team citizen by media. He was asked on how to react to “noise” outside the program of training as well as “perception” that is going to be fluid from time to time. Such problem should have made the team lose their focus, but it did not happen as the team could win the match. Cruising agen bola online terpercaya was then responded by Nick Saban.

He said that he could have said the same thing last week. In addition, he wisely said that anything thought and said did not matter anyway. No one in the team was playing for others, he added. The team was supposed to do what they should do, playing the game and winning the game. Therefore, the team has nothing to do with commentary or outside influence. Everything can be focused quite well because the coach and players do what they should do. What others think and say is really not important to be discussed as they only create havoc for performance. They kept to be as professional as possible by fulfilling their duty. That was actually what he responded to the media.

Moreover, he also added that he believed in the ability of his team. Therefore, it was all about performance and trust given to the team for doing their best for victory, as exactly what they did. He also said that everything he and his team did was not directed to media. It was all for fans as they kept the team motivated by supporting the team each time they are in the match. Media was only able to make the team scattered, and that was why the coach was so passionate in criticizing it. He also sharply said that if anything was done for the sake of media, they could have been defeated as they could end up in 6 feet under. That means, the team could not continue his struggle in this season, and it was basically good news for media. That is what was implied by the coach.

Alabama was quite unlucky this time as being degraded from 8th position into 12th. It was also close call that they could leave the field immediately against Ole Miss in two weeks ago. Some pundits had several inquiries related to the quality of the team, and that is also means possibility of Saban to be kicked out. Moreover, there was also difference in opinions making the players unable to have focus which was then exploited by media.

On Monday, Saban was quite passionate after knowing what the team’s decision against the Bulldogs. However, he also warned the team that wining is still priority, and it should happen. Saban also ended his sentence by expressing that there is unity within the team and it will continue to be bound like that. The opposing team should face real challenge against Alabama as this team is still solid.