Has anyone lost time and money with this one. Everyone that I work with can see our co-worker drowning in debt but keeps clinging to the dream of “Rexall” She is a clerk and her husband is on disability yet she flys to conferences and stays at top-notch hotels? She doesn’t own a home, has maxed out credit cards, yet goes to dinner meetings with these people once or twice a week? she is so impressed with her sponsors because they are a lawyer and a doctor. I feel bad for her because she is a hard worker who was very frugal with her money.

I just found this list or club or whatever this is


I’m pretty new to using computers for anything other than a word processor. Here is my story:

While my ex-wife and I were together she got us involved in 30 day pay day loans deals. She sold vitamins, magnets, Nonie juice, laundry disks, and long distance service to name but a few of the BSLoans she had us in. I didn’t want to get into any of these but since I had a good job and to keep the tension down in our marriage I let her go on with these (though I did let my feelings be known).

In late 2014 I had to leave that good job due to down sizing and take a lesser paying job that had me on the road 3-5 nights/week. that is about the same time she fond GoldSachs Between Dec 15 and the time we divorced last year the best lowball figure I can give of how much she threw down that pit is $28,000 (THIS AGAIN IS VERY LOWBALL).

She has been at this for three years! The last time I was in her house to pickup my daughter (God bless her) my ex had bags and boxes of tapes all over that house. It still makes me sick.

You need to go in


your back office and say you don’t want to pay the $49 a month anymore. We got sucked into this by our pastor. After 3 months of doing more research into it – discovered a lot of the commissions were made off of “extra fees” that got charged and that you could book direct with airlines for $10 cheaper, etc.

I joined this forum-blog a few months back


after my one and only short stint with an MLM. Prior to joining I have to admit that I was not very familiar with the whole MLM concept at all. I was fortunate to get out before like so many others, I lost a fortune. What I did lose was a lot of time that I can never get back, and yes, some money that could have been much better spent. I joined the forum I suppose to ease my guilt. I did feel a little guilty for being the “quitter” that my upline was convincing me I was. I wanted to see that there were others like myself that were hard working and dedicated individuals, but that MLM had failed, not me.
I have been surprised by what I have seen. I cannot believe the number of people that come on here looking for justification of their new MLM or looking to improve their recruiting techniques. Are people gluttons for punishment or what?! Why would you put yourself through that again? Do people really think that one MLM is better than another?
I have only posted a few times and lurk occasionally because quite frankly, it irritates me that people come on here and behave that way. PW, I have read through some of your responses to such posts and understand why you allow them. You have the patience of a saint! I for one cannot figure these people out!
I am sure that I will get ripped apart for this analogy, but this is the comparison that I think of. It reminds me of people joining a forum for hurricane survivors and then posting. “Hey anybody know of any vacant lots in a hurricane zone? It will be o.k. this time because the builder I have this time is different, he promises me a much better and stronger foundation, I won’t lose everything this time.”
Anyway, a very big thank you to the people that helped me realize that I was not alone. I am not the only one that made a huge mistake and fell for the MLM bull. I am just thankful that I learned from that mistake and will never touch another MLM with a ten foot pole. I feel bad for the people that get sucked in everyday. I do not however, feel the least bit sorry for the people that choose to get sucked in yet again.

You hit the nail on the head in your opening statement about how it changed your family


Like any other cult founded on nonsense, MLMs need to take complete control of their members. Separation from non-inducted family members is crucial to their success.

I have seen in it my life as my wife has been sucked in to one of these. Her product will cure every illness known to man, providing you use enough of it, and wear it 24/7. Naturally, no one can meet these requirements so they have a built-in excuse when it doesn’t work. Nonetheless, to her, I am a “non-believer”, and people who visit their doctor and take prescribed medication are just throwing their money away.

My wife is the most caring person in the world, and she really thinks she is doing good. They have convinced her to disregard anything I say, and to ignore anything that might be counter to their programming. Recently she told me that all the husbands are against this at first, but we will change our tune once the money starts rolling in. Which, of course, will never happen.

Needless to stay, this has caused a strain on our relationship and family. I have not given up on her, but no longer try to engage in discussions. I have resigned myself to a poorer retirement and lower current standard of living as she pursues the good life through MLM, rather than wasting her time at a JOB. Thankfully, my JOB pays well enough to support us in relatively expensive Southern California.

Those of you who visit here sincerely questioning the virtues of any MLM – there are none. It does not matter what the magic product is.
The same model is repeated in every instance, and is designed solely to pass money from you to the top. And YOU will always be at the bottom, or just above the friends and family you roped in. Then they will be at the bottom. How do MLMers live with that?

No real business would put its future in the hands of an unmanaged sales force whose only qualification is signing up. Big pharma is not squashing cures for cancer, lupus and balding – they would pay billions to buy the company that has one. Yet instead, MLMs sell their lotions, potions and pills one box at a time through housewives? Get real.

This could be why less than 1% of MLMers make any money at all. You are not independent distributors, you are customers, getting 20% discounts on items marked up 1000%! MLM is no more a business than tearing up $100 bills in your shower is sailing.

MLMs prey on the people who join them, and the people who use their generally worthless and always overpriced products. They should be legislated out of existence.

I have several family members


that have been sucked into the Arbonne scam which has dramatically changed our family. It almost feels like they have been caught up in a cult and we can not say or do anything to get them out. Does anyone out there have any advice?
The family members that are not involved in Arbonne are actually treated like outcasts or the stupid ones. The Arbots are extremely arrogant and aggressive and have seemed to lost all of the values that they grew up with. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is great when people can find a way of providing for their families, but this definitely has gone too far. They are never satisfied and feel that hey need to keep chasing the carrot dangling out in front of them no matter what the price is that they have to pay. I bet the Arbonne execs. are laughing all the way to the bank.
I used to buy Arbonne from my sister until I found out the scam that it really is. I then purchased Arbonne on e-bay and now have completely stopped buying the products. There are other products on the market that are just as good or better for a fraction of the cost, such as Burt’s Bees which is truly natural. I just don’t feel that I should be involved in supporting this scam anymore. Does anyone out there know how the company is doing in light of the present economy? I hope it is okay that I used this site to vent and I am hoping someone will have some good advice.
Thanks for listening!

Well, at least I know not to join the MLM


my cousin tried to prospect me into (Arbonne). On the other hand, I’m not sure what would be the best way to get her out. I think I’ll try the question approach. I’ll start with something like:

“How much money are you REALLY making? Is it the same as they’re claiming?”

Or I could use another, more direct and to the point:

“Is it too late to ask for your old job back?”

Monday the 23rd is my anniversary of


leaving the orange fog, and I’m spending my 3 day weekend at the Ritz-Carlton, well it was a b-day gift from my husband, but he doesn’t even know it is the celebration of me leaving the orange fog, it was the only avilable weekend they had even at 2 months in advance of booking it…

And we didn’t get the room from MLM, but from having a real job… ha