But you don’t have to completely “stand back and let it happen.” You can get involved.

The IMPORTANT thing is that you can’t get involved in a confrontational way. You’ll lose that battle.

The only way I know COULD work would be to get some education about MLM, in general, and Arbonne, specifically, and then begin asking questions of her. They need to be questions that she will need to research to find answers.

“Why” and “how” questions will be the best. “Why does such-and-such work this way?” “How does this work?” If you just don’t understand anything about it, she’ll have to do research to provide you with answers. And the more research she has to do, the more likely she’ll encounter sites, such as this one, that give the other side of the story, the one her mentors don’t want her to hear.

Read as much of our archive as you can. I know it’s huge, but if you go back a month or so and start reading, you’ll begin to get the picture. I’m working on a document that will have some sample questions in it, and you’ll be welcome to use that for some of your intervention.

Above everything else, DON’T condemn what she’s doing. At least, not yet. Don’t call her stupid for falling for it. Don’t call it a scam.
And if she does find out the truth and quit Arbonne, don’t tell her, “I told you so.” These are all loaded comments that will cause her to dig in her heels with the business or think you are losing respect for her. None of this is good for a relationship. (You may be able to say “I told you so” later – once her own feelings about it are sorted out and she can appreciate you for steering her away from a scam.
She’ll appreciate that you’re looking out for her.)

My wife and I went through 5+ years of Amway and stayed together. I know there are couples who went through less and split up over it.
And I know there are couples who went through more (sometimes MUCH more) and stayed together. So it doesn’t have to end badly for your relationship. But you have to be careful about it now.

Good Luck to you.