I was a consultant for over 3 years, I NEVER promoted to anything, I had a nice downline of oh 15 or so people, for being just a consultant… I only recived 4% on just the people I had signed up, not the people that they signed up etc. So “if i ever promoted” i might of made more, etc. plus doing the monthly $100 active status to get a 0.23 cent paycheck… it was a real nightmare!

but here is the jaw dropper, I spent OVER $6k over that 3 year period. I went to all of the local meetings, and sometimes they were $20+ at the door to get in, I flew 1500 miles to the midwest for “trainings”. I went to their yearly national conferences, twice! The event is supposed to “change your business” yeah the last one, changed my business so much that I quit!

Before I left the event in St. Louis, MO (great town!), I was walking around and reflecting on my business, life etc. and I actually felt at peace with deciding that I didn’t want to do it anymore. So I left St Louis, and didn’t mention a peep about the event, and got out of Arbonne alltogether. My membership didn’t expire until October, and I was so over it, i didn’t even have to think about should i renew for the discount…?

Now here I am almost one year that day is coming up, and I’m going to celebrate when April 23rd comes of my freedom from it!

Also, I had issues with Stian Moreck regarding the DSA, and about getting scammed out of $300 in products, because I did those dreaded pups, (thats what they were called before they became kits) and because I still live 10 mins from corporate, and I work about 3 mins from corporate, more than once I had to go there in person (kicking and screaming and demanding) to have my order, because they said it was lost in the mail. I even knew (from working for the City of Irvine) that they did NOT have permits to do their remodeling work, but when you went to the building and walked in you could see they were doing construction. So when I emailed VP about them doing construction w/out permits, so WHY is willcall closed? I suddenly got my orders quickler… go figure? In fact it was me that denied one of their submittials for remodeling, (they had 3 phases), because there was corrections needed to be addressed on the plans (anyone in construction will understand what i am saying). So when I emailed Cadice and all of those who haa corporate VP’s, about will call being closed, due to remodeling, I even put their plan check submittial number in reference, and it was like my orders went from the normal 48 hours hold, to I was getting my orders the next day via UPS.

Rambling, I have 3 cups of coffee in me! I could go on and on with my troubles with the company, and yet I stood up for the company for 3 years and would not quit the business. Even my mother and husband told me to quit, and I burnt down a lot of bridges over that company!

if my testimony doesn’t alarm you, or scare you away… LOL I don’t know what would.

I even told my “Arbot” friend when I wasn’t going to continue, their response was, “oh! Don’t quit before your Arbonne payday!”.. and after I got back, I was like shove it on the Arbonne payday, if i didn’t get “paid” by now, who knows if I’ll ever get “paid”!