I’m pretty new to using computers for anything other than a word processor. Here is my story:

While my ex-wife and I were together she got us involved in 30 day pay day loans deals. She sold vitamins, magnets, Nonie juice, laundry disks, and long distance service to name but a few of the BSLoans she had us in. I didn’t want to get into any of these but since I had a good job and to keep the tension down in our marriage I let her go on with these (though I did let my feelings be known).

In late 2014 I had to leave that good job due to down sizing and take a lesser paying job that had me on the road 3-5 nights/week. that is about the same time she fond GoldSachs Between Dec 15 and the time we divorced last year the best lowball figure I can give of how much she threw down that pit is $28,000 (THIS AGAIN IS VERY LOWBALL).

She has been at this for three years! The last time I was in her house to pickup my daughter (God bless her) my ex had bags and boxes of tapes all over that house. It still makes me sick.