I too was hoodwinked by MLMs because


I was deluded enough to think that their products would supplement my family’s income. I have seen enough companies (at least 6 of them) with the MLM format to discern that most of them follow the same modus operandi:

1) to recruit new members and tell them that anyone can make money with their system

2) to feed them false hopes that anyone can sell even without business training or capital

3) that they can have the opulent lifestyle they have been dreaming of for years by being a member of the MLM

4) that this scheme is controversial (but it works) because it can generate income if you recruit more and more people for your downline & sell their products (it’s more of the former than the latter),so its ‘enemies’ conspire to bring this system down.

By ‘enemies’,they mean people who are against the system either by dropping out of it,being ignorant (not trying MLM at all and condemning it wholesale) or being intimidated (since its earning potential conflicts with their business interests)

Therefore,the MLM proponents claim that people drop out of the system because they are ignorant,not well trained,did not try hard enough or did not use the system at all due to some bias.