My sister in law quit her full time job to do Arbonne full time


However, she denies it! Is this part of Arbonne being a cult? She told her boss there are other things she needs to take care of in her life like concerns she has for her parents, wants to do missions, etc….She told her boss if she heard that she quit to do Arbonne, not to believe it. Yet she is just doing Arbonne. I have noticed that she is looking for business builders who are wanting to invest lots of money from payday loans no credit check (I am guesmycreditsing so she can move up the ladder to start earning income.) She says she has invested a lot of money, I asked her if she’s been able to recoup the money invested and she said “Not yet, that will come later. She will never share her success with money, but she’s dead set on sharing her uplines success) This is the Atlanta INMAN arbonne forum. Now she’s been going to her workplace hanging out there…..Don’t know if she realizes she made a mistake or if she’s desperate to make new contacts for business building purposes. I think she’s making a fool of herself going back and just hanging out at her old job every now and then….She says a few people need her help there with their work because they are new.
I don’t know who those people are, but know that sounds weird. Any words of wisdom here?

I hear your concern


Although I am 26 and single, I went through a similar challenge, not with a girlfriend but rather with my family. I had visions of ‘Freedom 30’ for a while, but thankfully never really got consumed by the business as the people and environment always kind of turned me off, not to mention the fact that I saw my family doing everything they were told for years, busting their butts, and maybe making a slight profit. This is despite the fact that the diamonds will feed you cliches like ‘the business is 100% predictable’, and ‘no one that has done everything required has ever failed’. Those statements are simply not true. The business literally consumed my family for a number of years, things are starting to show improvements as of late thank goodness!

Support your boyfriend, and say you care about his best interests. Try and introduce him to what is truly ‘the big picture’ . Try and make him understand that the information that he is being presented is very one sided, and not objective. Try and get some credible info from the other side into his hands. Personally I found the Bo Short (ex diamond who resigned for ethical reasons, do a search and you should find his name) resignation letter worked wonders as my family viewed his word as credible. The recent Don Storms and Joe and Doris Shaw situations also don’t look good for the business. Point out that many diamonds have either resigned, been terminated or just had their business collapse, hence going back to former careers. Connect that with the fact that the residual income theory is a myth. Why would many diamonds have gone back to work if a six figure salary just rolled in every year? Try and make him understand that if he will be big in the business he will have a lifelong commitment(at least as long as the business exists!) to it focused largely on the sale of tools and that he will likely be a very busy guy, not kicking his feet up on some tropical beach. Again, the Bo Short letter covers all of his and much more, it is a must read. The upcoming Dateline show would be recommended as well.

Agree with most of the previous posts, get at your boyfriend sooner rather than later, as the commitment will only grow, and could consume him for years. Get him the objective info that I suggested above, show him what he could do with the money he will be wasting on training materials, and if he is an aspiring entrepreneur help introduce him to other potential business models that will almost certainly have a better success potential than Quixtar.

If none of this works, and he truly becomes more devoted to Quixtar than you, than I guess you would have to think long and hard about your relationship!

Hi Valerie – this morning I watched a TV program


that dealt with gambling addiction; and I couldn’t help but compare it to what happens when someone gets “plugged into” an AMO. They are willing to risk everything: savings/relationships/childrens’ futures/legitimate employment/education…..the list goes on and on. Each “addict” seems to have a point where they finally realize that the “easy money” isn’t going to come – but I can’t predict how awful it will have to get, before your boyfriend realizes he’s just “another brick in the wall” (sorry – I’m showing my age!) But YOU need to determine at what point it will be prudent for you to leave lest you be dragged into the vortex with him. And my motherly advice would be to delay marrying this man until he’s free of the grasp of the “system”.

I wish I had more encouraging advice for you – but there are many older posts regarding relationships between pros and antis. Some antis were successful in rescuing their loved ones; others were not. Benefit from the wisdom they have shared, and do what’s best for you.

You have every reason to be scared to death


If your boyfriend conducts business as the systems teach, it will definitely become the center of your life. You will plan everything around the meetings, functions, prospecting, plans, etc.. Vacations are business- centered. (You’ll go to some lovely places for functions, you just won’t have any free time to see them. You’ll be stuck in a rah-rah meeting until the wee hours of the morning.) The system teaches that every family get-together is a prospecting venue. Some systems even have the gall to suggest the proper time in your business to have children. Or buy a car. And what kind to buy.

I’m pulling for you, I hope your boyfriend sees the light and runs for the hills. Hopefully you can find some support and encouragement on this board. I’ve really been impressed with the wisdom of these people…

Take care

Your fears are well grounded and realistic


At some point, you will have to decide whether you’re willing to remain in his life while he destroys it. . . or his upline might force him to choose between you and the “business.”

You need to educate yourself about cults, and about how they recruit and retain members. There are book recommendations in a number of previous posts. Just do a search here on “cult”

If you don’t get him out now


it’s not gonna end anytime soon, I was in for 12 years, and i told my girlfriend that i would have her retired, she found someone else who made more money then i did and left me, I spent thousands of dollars, and there going to suck out every dime they can, thru tapes, books, meetings, functions, leadership meetings, Even barbeques.

I’m sorry that you are having this experience, but it is real


Your family members are in a cult like experience. I’m not sure if you have receieved advice yet, but one thing I can say as someone that was sucked into it, I was very thankful that my loved ones were still there for me when I got out of the fog of MLM. I guess I would just say love them in spite of the fact that what is coming out their mouths is garbage. I hope they see the light soon and back away from Arbonne.

Tim Sales is just another mlm guru


that is profitting off MLMers by selling books, tapes, websites, leads, blah, blah, blah. He is very smooth sounding but he is promoting MLM which this online group here wholeheartedly is against. His message is the the same as any other guru though he does come off as credible as he has tought mlm at a university etc, was in the navy etc. But don’t be fooled. MLM is MLM however you spin it.

I can help you with some general signs


Shakey operations tend to really emphasize positive thinking. As an older guy I knew said, “Let me tell you, if I’m making money, I will have a positive attitude.” He also added, “If I want a positive attitude, I can go to church.”

The overpriced product, the Amway ten dollar bottle of shampoo. ‘Concentrated, so that just a little pea-sized portion in the palm of your hand. Such good quality for your hair . . . ‘
Well, how many people are going to be buying a ten dollar bottle of shampoo, and how often, especially if it does last as long as they say?

And the all-time biggest sign of a rip-off sales organization: They drive you around a neighborhood in white vans!

(Learn from seasoned poker players, fold the hand early)

The same older salesman told me, in response to claims that it doesn’t matter what you’re selling, that a good salesperson–“Well, let me tell you, it does matter what you’re selling!”