Please know that you are making a difference


I have convinced my “Arbot-in-waiting” to stay out of the fog. No more Arbonne! No more sample kits in the bathroom! No more shiny brochures and pat phrases!
Thank goodness nothing was signed or purchased.

Thanks to the information here, and on other web sites, there is one person who will not have to learn the hard way.

My 0.02 cents


I actualy get my products now from other ex-consultants and since they are looking to dump them for 50% off or more, I get to stock up, only shipping is expensive…

the mlmwhoesale forum (I don’t know if I am allowed to reference that forum or not, some forums don’t like advertisements for “other” forums. I’m not advertising for that forum persay, I got rid of what I needed to on that site, and now I only buy or trade from that forum)

but a lot of Arbonne people are selling products CHEAP on that forum.

The only thing to keep in mind with ebay is you don’t know how “OLD” the products are, unless the sellers are honest and give you the dates on the products. with the mlmwholsale forum it is manditory to tell that information before you buy, so to prevent buying dried up goop ask for a date on the bottle and the vitamins have a use by date. make sure nothing is expired or more than 2 years old when buying Arbonne products from ebay or other non- authorized arbonne websites etc.

I too was sucked in the the Arbonne fog as us formers call it!


I was a consultant for over 3 years, I NEVER promoted to anything, I had a nice downline of oh 15 or so people, for being just a consultant… I only recived 4% on just the people I had signed up, not the people that they signed up etc. So “if i ever promoted” i might of made more, etc. plus doing the monthly $100 active status to get a 0.23 cent paycheck… it was a real nightmare!

but here is the jaw dropper, I spent OVER $6k over that 3 year period. I went to all of the local meetings, and sometimes they were $20+ at the door to get in, I flew 1500 miles to the midwest for “trainings”. I went to their yearly national conferences, twice! The event is supposed to “change your business” yeah the last one, changed my business so much that I quit!

Before I left the event in St. Louis, MO (great town!), I was walking around and reflecting on my business, life etc. and I actually felt at peace with deciding that I didn’t want to do it anymore. So I left St Louis, and didn’t mention a peep about the event, and got out of Arbonne alltogether. My membership didn’t expire until October, and I was so over it, i didn’t even have to think about should i renew for the discount…?

Now here I am almost one year that day is coming up, and I’m going to celebrate when April 23rd comes of my freedom from it!

Also, I had issues with Stian Moreck regarding the DSA, and about getting scammed out of $300 in products, because I did those dreaded pups, (thats what they were called before they became kits) and because I still live 10 mins from corporate, and I work about 3 mins from corporate, more than once I had to go there in person (kicking and screaming and demanding) to have my order, because they said it was lost in the mail. I even knew (from working for the City of Irvine) that they did NOT have permits to do their remodeling work, but when you went to the building and walked in you could see they were doing construction. So when I emailed VP about them doing construction w/out permits, so WHY is willcall closed? I suddenly got my orders quickler… go figure? In fact it was me that denied one of their submittials for remodeling, (they had 3 phases), because there was corrections needed to be addressed on the plans (anyone in construction will understand what i am saying). So when I emailed Cadice and all of those who haa corporate VP’s, about will call being closed, due to remodeling, I even put their plan check submittial number in reference, and it was like my orders went from the normal 48 hours hold, to I was getting my orders the next day via UPS.

Rambling, I have 3 cups of coffee in me! I could go on and on with my troubles with the company, and yet I stood up for the company for 3 years and would not quit the business. Even my mother and husband told me to quit, and I burnt down a lot of bridges over that company!

if my testimony doesn’t alarm you, or scare you away… LOL I don’t know what would.

I even told my “Arbot” friend when I wasn’t going to continue, their response was, “oh! Don’t quit before your Arbonne payday!”.. and after I got back, I was like shove it on the Arbonne payday, if i didn’t get “paid” by now, who knows if I’ll ever get “paid”!

An easy way to prove this is to go to ebay….LOL!!


“Good” MLMs might have an online ebay store – but those MLMs who load up their people with too much inventory, or require training materials, usually find their products getting “dumped” on ebay by disgruntled members.

There are thousands of Arbonne products for sale (cheap!) on ebay. The $15 Vapor-rub goo my son-in-law had is on ebay for $6.

THAT pretty much tells me everything *I* need to know…LOL!!!

AH! Their key selling line!


They used it on me and it worked. And its not just $500 worth of product. They will push you into buying their “Starter Set” which is 4 very expensive kits of the anti-aging line and by the time you’ve totaled your tax and shipping and “bonus products”, you’ve spent $1200. (And to this they will say “What business can you start for $1200 and recover your investment in a few months??” which is also a lie) Then you have to count all the “business aids” they will tell you that you need. I spent several more hundred dollars on those. Then your gas driving to every relative and friends house “dropping off kits” for people to try….all the catalogs you have to buy…..all the trade shows you will go to…..the conference fees…..the monthly meeting fees….the list goes on and on.

If your friend will listen, you need to emphasize to them that this is much more than “just $500”. As with anything in Arbonne, its deception deception deception. They glaze over the truth and make it sound so wonderful. I was told I would be RVP (the people who drive the car and make $6k a month) in 6 months. In 6 months, I could barely hold onto my district manager status. They claim at that level that you make $250-$300 monthly….I was barely making $75. I did everything they told me to do, I spent hours on the phone, I spent hours traveling trying to sell their highly overpriced products. My husband was getting frustrated b/c I was gone all the time when he was home.

LIES LIES LIES…its all lies. I hope you can point them to that website I gave you and help them avoid this trap. If not, just smile and be there to comfort them when they’ve figured it out the hard way.

Sorry to be so wordy! You can email me personally anytime.

I doubt you’ll get much more than testimonial information


We could give you substantial information on the MLM industry, even if not directly related to Arbonne, but you can bet that the person you are trying to convince will resist any evidence that you might present.
The pat answer is “Our company/group is different. We don’t operate like that. Those critics aren’t talking about OUR company.”

The only way I can think of to succeed in getting someone out of an MLM is to create doubt in their minds by ASKING QUESTIONS. You cannot tell people that they are wrong, but they can come to that conclusion on their own by discovering the information for themselves.

So asking questions that begin with “I don’t understand…” or “Can you explain…” might be the best path to take. Make THEM do the research in order to answer your questions. Then if the answers sound scripted (which they probably will), you can question the answers and make them look into it even deeper.

You’ll need to be on your toes, and you’ll need to learn as much as you can stomach. It is not easy, and I would not plan for a good outcome, at least not right away.

We’re here to assist with this process, so you are entirely welcome to bring any questions you have to us. Remember, we have nothing to gain by telling you what we know. Arbonne leaders (and leaders of other MLMs) hve much to gain by trying to mislead you and discredit us.

Best of Luck to you.

Someone I love is considering getting into Arbonne


I am skeptical. Can anyone share with me compelling, credible evidence and anecdotes to help me shed light on this MLM company?

I am not interested in stories that could be about any company (shipping problems, difficulty making returns, etc.) or how MLMs change the dynamic between you and your friends.

I am interested in solid evidence from reliable sources.


She is


But you don’t have to completely “stand back and let it happen.” You can get involved.

The IMPORTANT thing is that you can’t get involved in a confrontational way. You’ll lose that battle.

The only way I know COULD work would be to get some education about MLM, in general, and Arbonne, specifically, and then begin asking questions of her. They need to be questions that she will need to research to find answers.

“Why” and “how” questions will be the best. “Why does such-and-such work this way?” “How does this work?” If you just don’t understand anything about it, she’ll have to do research to provide you with answers. And the more research she has to do, the more likely she’ll encounter sites, such as this one, that give the other side of the story, the one her mentors don’t want her to hear.

Read as much of our archive as you can. I know it’s huge, but if you go back a month or so and start reading, you’ll begin to get the picture. I’m working on a document that will have some sample questions in it, and you’ll be welcome to use that for some of your intervention.

Above everything else, DON’T condemn what she’s doing. At least, not yet. Don’t call her stupid for falling for it. Don’t call it a scam.
And if she does find out the truth and quit Arbonne, don’t tell her, “I told you so.” These are all loaded comments that will cause her to dig in her heels with the business or think you are losing respect for her. None of this is good for a relationship. (You may be able to say “I told you so” later – once her own feelings about it are sorted out and she can appreciate you for steering her away from a scam.
She’ll appreciate that you’re looking out for her.)

My wife and I went through 5+ years of Amway and stayed together. I know there are couples who went through less and split up over it.
And I know there are couples who went through more (sometimes MUCH more) and stayed together. So it doesn’t have to end badly for your relationship. But you have to be careful about it now.

Good Luck to you.

My girlfriend is starting an Arbonne business


I have very strong feelings about the way she’s being lured in. I guess I have to just stand back and let it happen, but I feel like she’s making a big mistake.

I attended a “party” last night at her house. This was her second party, and in attendance were myself, another friend of hers and her mentor, or whatever they are called. The mentor ran the show, “training” my girlfriend, and presenting the products to us. I questioned the mentor on a couple ingredients, and she seemed a little put off by my cynicism. I’m just being me. I’m a cynic, and a skeptic, and I really don’t trust these people.
They’re a pyramid, no matter how you cut it. And the numbers I’ve seen, as far as success, sales, commissions, etc are staggering.
After the meeting I felt manipulated, and I felt that my intelligence had been insulted. It was like being in that commercial that you turn off, only I can’t turn this one off. They played this game with us… gave us a “gift” and then asked us not to open it until they said I could. So I had this thing there through the whole meeting, and at the end, she asked how many names I had on my list of people “who might benefit from Arbonne”. Mine had none. I don’t want to use my friends to get whatever is in that little box. Basically they said that if I hosted a party and got four friends to show up, that I could keep the “gift”. I wanted to tell her something explicit that I won’t say here, but I just politely declined. So, she made me give the “gift” back. Hmm, sounds more like a carrot on a string.

Anyway, it pains me to think of my girlfriend doing this kind of thing. It seems underhanded, desperate, greedy and cheap. Of course I was there to support her yesterday, but I just don’t know if I can support this in the long run. Part of me says to just hang in there and let things play out as they may. But, its already come between us and its only been a few weeks of her Arbonnizing.

Any thoughts out there?