They used it on me and it worked. And its not just $500 worth of product. They will push you into buying their “Starter Set” which is 4 very expensive kits of the anti-aging line and by the time you’ve totaled your tax and shipping and “bonus products”, you’ve spent $1200. (And to this they will say “What business can you start for $1200 and recover your investment in a few months??” which is also a lie) Then you have to count all the “business aids” they will tell you that you need. I spent several more hundred dollars on those. Then your gas driving to every relative and friends house “dropping off kits” for people to try….all the catalogs you have to buy…..all the trade shows you will go to…..the conference fees…..the monthly meeting fees….the list goes on and on.

If your friend will listen, you need to emphasize to them that this is much more than “just $500”. As with anything in Arbonne, its deception deception deception. They glaze over the truth and make it sound so wonderful. I was told I would be RVP (the people who drive the car and make $6k a month) in 6 months. In 6 months, I could barely hold onto my district manager status. They claim at that level that you make $250-$300 monthly….I was barely making $75. I did everything they told me to do, I spent hours on the phone, I spent hours traveling trying to sell their highly overpriced products. My husband was getting frustrated b/c I was gone all the time when he was home.

LIES LIES LIES…its all lies. I hope you can point them to that website I gave you and help them avoid this trap. If not, just smile and be there to comfort them when they’ve figured it out the hard way.

Sorry to be so wordy! You can email me personally anytime.