I joined this forum-blog a few months back


after my one and only short stint with an MLM. Prior to joining I have to admit that I was not very familiar with the whole MLM concept at all. I was fortunate to get out before like so many others, I lost a fortune. What I did lose was a lot of time that I can never get back, and yes, some money that could have been much better spent. I joined the forum I suppose to ease my guilt. I did feel a little guilty for being the “quitter” that my upline was convincing me I was. I wanted to see that there were others like myself that were hard working and dedicated individuals, but that MLM had failed, not me.
I have been surprised by what I have seen. I cannot believe the number of people that come on here looking for justification of their new MLM or looking to improve their recruiting techniques. Are people gluttons for punishment or what?! Why would you put yourself through that again? Do people really think that one MLM is better than another?
I have only posted a few times and lurk occasionally because quite frankly, it irritates me that people come on here and behave that way. PW, I have read through some of your responses to such posts and understand why you allow them. You have the patience of a saint! I for one cannot figure these people out!
I am sure that I will get ripped apart for this analogy, but this is the comparison that I think of. It reminds me of people joining a forum for hurricane survivors and then posting. “Hey anybody know of any vacant lots in a hurricane zone? It will be o.k. this time because the builder I have this time is different, he promises me a much better and stronger foundation, I won’t lose everything this time.”
Anyway, a very big thank you to the people that helped me realize that I was not alone. I am not the only one that made a huge mistake and fell for the MLM bull. I am just thankful that I learned from that mistake and will never touch another MLM with a ten foot pole. I feel bad for the people that get sucked in everyday. I do not however, feel the least bit sorry for the people that choose to get sucked in yet again.