You hit the nail on the head in your opening statement about how it changed your family


Like any other cult founded on nonsense, MLMs need to take complete control of their members. Separation from non-inducted family members is crucial to their success.

I have seen in it my life as my wife has been sucked in to one of these. Her product will cure every illness known to man, providing you use enough of it, and wear it 24/7. Naturally, no one can meet these requirements so they have a built-in excuse when it doesn’t work. Nonetheless, to her, I am a “non-believer”, and people who visit their doctor and take prescribed medication are just throwing their money away.

My wife is the most caring person in the world, and she really thinks she is doing good. They have convinced her to disregard anything I say, and to ignore anything that might be counter to their programming. Recently she told me that all the husbands are against this at first, but we will change our tune once the money starts rolling in. Which, of course, will never happen.

Needless to stay, this has caused a strain on our relationship and family. I have not given up on her, but no longer try to engage in discussions. I have resigned myself to a poorer retirement and lower current standard of living as she pursues the good life through MLM, rather than wasting her time at a JOB. Thankfully, my JOB pays well enough to support us in relatively expensive Southern California.

Those of you who visit here sincerely questioning the virtues of any MLM – there are none. It does not matter what the magic product is.
The same model is repeated in every instance, and is designed solely to pass money from you to the top. And YOU will always be at the bottom, or just above the friends and family you roped in. Then they will be at the bottom. How do MLMers live with that?

No real business would put its future in the hands of an unmanaged sales force whose only qualification is signing up. Big pharma is not squashing cures for cancer, lupus and balding – they would pay billions to buy the company that has one. Yet instead, MLMs sell their lotions, potions and pills one box at a time through housewives? Get real.

This could be why less than 1% of MLMers make any money at all. You are not independent distributors, you are customers, getting 20% discounts on items marked up 1000%! MLM is no more a business than tearing up $100 bills in your shower is sailing.

MLMs prey on the people who join them, and the people who use their generally worthless and always overpriced products. They should be legislated out of existence.