Well, at least I know not to join the MLM


my cousin tried to prospect me into (Arbonne). On the other hand, I’m not sure what would be the best way to get her out. I think I’ll try the question approach. I’ll start with something like:

“How much money are you REALLY making? Is it the same as they’re claiming?”

Or I could use another, more direct and to the point:

“Is it too late to ask for your old job back?”

Monday the 23rd is my anniversary of


leaving the orange fog, and I’m spending my 3 day weekend at the Ritz-Carlton, well it was a b-day gift from my husband, but he doesn’t even know it is the celebration of me leaving the orange fog, it was the only avilable weekend they had even at 2 months in advance of booking it…

And we didn’t get the room from MLM, but from having a real job… ha