Please know that you are making a difference


I have convinced my “Arbot-in-waiting” to stay out of the fog. No more Arbonne! No more sample kits in the bathroom! No more shiny brochures and pat phrases!
Thank goodness nothing was signed or purchased.

Thanks to the information here, and on other web sites, there is one person who will not have to learn the hard way.

My 0.02 cents


I actualy get my products now from other ex-consultants and since they are looking to dump them for 50% off or more, I get to stock up, only shipping is expensive…

the mlmwhoesale forum (I don’t know if I am allowed to reference that forum or not, some forums don’t like advertisements for “other” forums. I’m not advertising for that forum persay, I got rid of what I needed to on that site, and now I only buy or trade from that forum)

but a lot of Arbonne people are selling products CHEAP on that forum.

The only thing to keep in mind with ebay is you don’t know how “OLD” the products are, unless the sellers are honest and give you the dates on the products. with the mlmwholsale forum it is manditory to tell that information before you buy, so to prevent buying dried up goop ask for a date on the bottle and the vitamins have a use by date. make sure nothing is expired or more than 2 years old when buying Arbonne products from ebay or other non- authorized arbonne websites etc.