I can help you with some general signs


Shakey operations tend to really emphasize positive thinking. As an older guy I knew said, “Let me tell you, if I’m making money, I will have a positive attitude.” He also added, “If I want a positive attitude, I can go to church.”

The overpriced product, the Amway ten dollar bottle of shampoo. ‘Concentrated, so that just a little pea-sized portion in the palm of your hand. Such good quality for your hair . . . ‘
Well, how many people are going to be buying a ten dollar bottle of shampoo, and how often, especially if it does last as long as they say?

And the all-time biggest sign of a rip-off sales organization: They drive you around a neighborhood in white vans!

(Learn from seasoned poker players, fold the hand early)

The same older salesman told me, in response to claims that it doesn’t matter what you’re selling, that a good salesperson–“Well, let me tell you, it does matter what you’re selling!”